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Staying Safe During an Active Shooter Situation with Bulletproof Protective Products

With tragic headlines that only seem to increase in number as the days go by, active shooters are an unfortunately relevant subject for anyone in today’s world. They pose a risk at nearly any time, in nearly any place, and the danger they represent only becomes clear when it’s too late to avoid them. Because of this, even the most secure-seeming locations can quickly and unpredictably become epicenters for a crisis.

Fortunately, there are more ways than ever to protect yourself. Personal firearms, bulletproof protective products, and well-researched safety strategies give any prepared individual tools to rely on when it comes to dealing with an active shooter situation. As nerve-wracking as the idea can be, your knowledge could make a key difference when it matters most. To do that, however, you first need dependable information. That’s why we’ve put together some of our top tips on managing risk and getting out alive if you ever find yourself in the line of fire.

Practiced Responses Matter

In most cases, brave first responders and law enforcement personnel are the best response to an active shooter. However, it often takes time before they can intervene without putting more people at risk. Our first tip is simple: know how to react ahead of time, because it’s impossible to predict when help will arrive.

The second, related piece of advice is to take some cues from the professionals. Police officers don’t step into any dangerous situations without two of the most important resources at their disposal:

Planning -- Knowing your exits, staying calm, and thinking ahead are all invaluable parts of effective in-the-moment planning. You may not always have the time to map out an escape, but practicing hypotheticals and training your brain to focus on deliberate, dependable action instead of instant panic is sure to help you figure out your best options.

Equipment -- When officers respond to active shooters, they always carry gear they can count on. From a personal cellphone to bulletproof protective products from suppliers like One World Outdoor Gear, you can make sure you have the utility you need by investing in the right equipment well before you need it.

Be Ready, But Find Help First

Bystanders with the courage and equipment to intervene in an active shooting situation can certainly make a life-changing difference, but the best thing you can do to keep yourself and others safe is avoid gun-wielding threats and get help from trained responders.  Getting yourself out of harm’s way allows police and others to manage risks when apprehending the shooter, and can also give them vital information that they need to make critical decisions. Using bulletproof protective products or personal weapons should be a last resort -- but one that’s worth being prepared for.