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Helpful and Informative Articles about Bulletproof Protective Products

For most people, there is a very steep learning curve when it comes to getting informed about bulletproof protective products. Let’s face it; the general public doesn’t use them and does not know how they really work or what they’re made of. At One World Outdoor Gear, we realize that and it’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide these informative articles that are full of helpful facts and insights.

When members of the general public think about bulletproof products, they are likely to picture the body armor worn by police officers or the vests worn by soldiers. It’s understandable because that is the most common and visible type. You see people on the news wearing this armor and it shows up in countless movies and TV shows. But there are many other types of protective clothing and they will be covered in these articles so that you can make decisions with confidence.

Bulletproof clothing comes in casual apparel such as hoodies and nylon jackets for children as well as sports coats and leather jackets for adults. It’s not just available in hot and bulky vests anymore. These articles will provide more detailed facts and specifications on apparel like that as well as products like protective backpacks.


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